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Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport (MEC)

National Scientific Research Council (CNCS)

National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS)

Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)


Project no. 68 / 05. 10. 2011

Host institution: Romanian Academy – Iaşi Branch

City: Iaşi 

County: Romania

Address: Carol I Boulevard, No. 8, 700505 Iaşi


Project title in English: External Relations of the Pontic Greek Cities in the Hellenistic and Roman Times: a Multidisciplinary Approach

Project title in Romanian: Relaţiile externe ale oraşelor greceşti pontice în perioada elenistică şi epoca romană: o abordare multidisciplinară 

Project no. 68 / 05. 10. 2011

Keywords:  Pontic Greek cities; Economic, political, cultural relations; Epigraphic and archaeological sources; Greek, Non-Greek, acculturation; Migration and integration of ‘foreigners’

Project duration:  36 months


Project Objectives:

       The project goal is to publish a collective synthesis which will reveal, in a way more complex and compelling than before, the external relations maintained by the ancient urban communities of the Black Sea. The proposed research will lead to a better understanding of the dynamics of the Pontic area; it will also lead to a clearer view on the effects of the contact between influences from other cultural areas and specific features of the native populations’ way of life; last but not least, it will facilitate our further participation in an international dialogue on the Greek polis in the Hellenistic era and in the one of Imperial Rome. The strength of the project is the high professional level of the research team, which includes leading specialists in the field, who work in top research institutions in Romania and abroad. Beside senior researchers, a number of younger scientists – who are either in different stages of PhD work or in post-doctoral positions – will have a great opportunity to get used to a professional research mentality. The data and information that will be obtained through this project can be subsequently used in pre-university schooling and in higher education, in future research in the fields of social science and humanities, as well as in a credible and efficient promotion of Romanian cultural-scientific assets abroad.

The estimated results:

     The dissemination of results will be achieved on several levels. First, the results of research carried out within the project will be made available through specialized publications (two edited volumes, one author volume, at least 10 studies/articles published in journals indexed in international databases or papers of conferences and symposiums). In the same vein, we propose a round table, a national symposium and two international symposiums with the participation of team members well as many specialists outside the project. The website of the project (continuously updated) will include information about the team members and the project activities and will be wide-open to the academic society as well as community at large.

      Data and information obtained through this project will be used in high school and graduate education alike, in the research of social and human sciences, tourist guides, but also for a reliable and efficient propagation of Romanian culture and science abroad through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Ministry of Education and Research. Outcomes of our research might be interested local communities, in insofar as it highlights the cultural richness of ancient civilization of the Black Sea area as well as its valorization in the European Union background.

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