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Monday, 24 September 2012 07:02



   Romanian Academy, Institute of Archaeology „VASILE PÂRVAN„

                Str. Henri Coandă, Nr. 11, 010667 Bucharest

                      Romanian Academy - Iassy Branch

                                             Bulevardul Carol I, Nr. 8, 700505, Iassy

                                                                NATIONAL SYMPOSIUM   

                    Poleis in the Pont and Propontis in the Hellenistic and Roman Times

                        WITHIN THE FRAME OF THE PROJECT PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0054

          External Relations of the Pontic Greek Cities in the Hellenistic and Roman Times:

                                                 a Multidisciplinary Approach

                                                     September 27-28, 2012


      Wednesday, September 26
      Arrival of the participants from outside Bucharest.
      Accommodation at the hotel „Volo‟

Thursday, September 27

Relations between Pontic Cities and their Contacts with the Barbarians in the Hinterland

830 – 900  Registration of the participants
(Institute of Archaeology „Vasile Pârvan‟, Bucharest, Str. Henri Coandă nr. 11)

900 – 930 Opening words
930 – 1130     Convenor: Florian MATEI-POPESCU
930 – 1010    
Alexandru AVRAM (Université du Maine, Le Mans): The decree of Histria SEG 53, 724. The first mention of the Bastarnae on the Lower Danube
1010 – 1050   Victor COJOCARU (Institute of Archaeology, Iaşi): The inter-Pontic relations of the Greek cities of the Northern Black Sea area and their contacts with the hinterland Barbarians according to the Epigraphic Sources
1050 – 1130   Ligia RUSCU (University „Babeş-Bolyai”, Cluj-Napoca): The relations of the Western Pontic apoikias with their Greek and Barbarian neighbours during the Hellenistic and Roman epochs


1130 – 1150   Coffee Break
1150 – 1300   Convenor: Livia BUZOIANU

1150 – 1220    Mădălina DANA (University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne – Center ANHIMA, Paris): Ἔχω δὲ πατρίδας νῦν δύω (CIRB 134). The relationships between the cities of the Southern Black Sea and their Pontic neighbors
1220 – 1300    Adrian ROBU (Institute of Archaeology „Vasile Pârvan‟, Bucharest): Sanctuaries and interstate relations in the Hellenistic world: the cases of Byzantion and Kalchedon

1300 - 1400   
Lunch Break

1400 – 1600   Convenor: Adrian ROBU

1400 – 1440   Maria BĂRBULESCU (University „Ovidius”, Constanţa), Livia BUZOIANU (Museum of National History and Archaeology, Constanţa): The territory of Tomis during the early Roman period in the light of epigraphic documents
1440 – 1520   Adrian George DUMITRU (Metropolitan Library, Bucharest): Natives, Hellenistic monarchies and polis – Byzantium and her territory
1520 – 1600   Florian MATEI-POPESCU (Institute of Archaeology „Vasile Pârvan‟, Bucharest): The statutes of the Western Pontic cities in the Roman Empire

1600 – 1620   
Coffee Break

1620 – 1820   Convenor: Maria BĂRBULESCU

1620 - 1700    Adrian PORUCIUC (University „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Iaşi): A diachronic view on the political-military role of Old Germanic populations
1700 – 1740   Dan RUSCU (University „Babeş-Bolyai”, Cluj-Napoca): The external relations of the Dobrudja in Late Antiquity – the ecclesiastic dimension
1740 – 1820   Nelu ZUGRAVU (University „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Iaşi): A perspective on the Christian prosopography of the Lower Danube

Friday, September 28
SECTION OF ARCHAEOLOGY AND NUMISMATICS: Local productions and their impact on inter-Pontic relations

900 – 1100    Convenor: Iulian BÎRZESCU

900 – 940      Gabriel TALMAȚCHI (Museum of National History and Archaeology, Constanţa): New perspectives on currency signs in the context of the Western Pontic Greek world (chronology, forms, penetration)
940 – 1020    Theodor ISVORANU (Institute of Archaeology „Vasile Pârvan‟, Bucharest): Economic relations between Histria and Tomis in the 6th - 1st centuries B.C. reflected in monetary findings
1020 - 1100   Lucian MUNTEANU (Institute of Archaeology, Iaşi): The Relations Between Western Pontic Greek Cities and Barbarian Populations in the Hellenistic Period. The Numismatic Evidence

1100 – 1120  
Coffee Break
1120 – 1240  Convenor: Costel CHIRIAC

1120 – 1200    Valeriu BANARU (University Mannheim): Regular trade or exchange of goods? Considerations about the forms and ways of disseminating Greek imports on the northwestern coast of the Black Sea
1200 – 1240   Andrei OPAIŢ (Institute of Archaeology, Iaşi): Some considerations on the production and consumption of wine and of fish products in the Western Pontic area (1st c. BC – 3rd c. AD.)

1300 - 1400     Lunch Break

1400 – 1540   Convenor: Valeriu BANARU

1400 – 1440   Costel CHIRIAC (Institute of Archaeology, Iaşi), Sever BOŢAN (University „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Iaşi): Hellenistic and Roman Glassware of the Pontic Area – between Production and Import
1440 – 1520   Irina NASTASI (Museum of National History and Archaeology, Constanţa): Roman rush lamps at Tomis: local production and distribution


1520 – 1700   Coffee Break
1540 – 1540   Convenor: Nelu ZUGRAVU

1540 – 1620   Florina PANAIT-BÎRZESCU (Institute of Archaeology „Vasile Pârvan‟, Bucharest): Common iconographical models in the Pontic poleis
1620 – 1700   Iulian BÎRZESCU (Institute of Archaeology „Vasile Pârvan‟, Bucharest): Zoomorphic terra-cottas from Greek sanctuaries in the Black Sea

1700 – 1830   Final discussions. Convenor: Victor COJOCARU
Saturday, September 29
Departure of the participants from outside Bucharest


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