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SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2011-2014 (Summary)

Project PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0054


Intermediary key activities:

  • Round Table, November 27-29, 2011, Iasi, attended by all project team members. Fifteen scientific papers and a conference were presented during this event. The main discussion topics addressed aspects related to research methodology, concepts used, stage of research. We also addressed the strategy for project activities coordination. The agenda of the event and abstracts of presentations can be found on the project website (

  • National Symposium “Poleis in Pont and Propontis in Hellenistic and Roman eras”, September 27-28, 2012, Bucharest, attended by all team members and a number of guest specialists. The main purpose of this activity was to present the partial project-related research outcomes, with the subsequent publication of the presented studies in a collective volume. The agenda and abstracts of presentations can be found on the project website ( in both, Romanian and English.

  • The International Symposium “Interconnectivity in the Mediterranean and Pontic World during the Hellenistic and Roman Periods” (organized in partnership with the National Museum of History and Archaeology of Constanta, Waterloo Institute for Hellenistic Studies, Waterloo, Ontario/Canada and the cultural complex “Callatis”, Mangalia), July 8-12, 2013, Constanta, attended by all project team members and by 33 foreign researchers from 16 countries. Thus, we managed to build a network comprising specialists interested in research on the field of Black Sea in antiquity, a network which could lead us towards obtaining EU funded projects. The agenda and abstracts of the presentations can be found on the project website (

  • The International Symposium Mobility in Research on the Black Sea Region (PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0054 and PN-II-ID-PCE-2012-4-0490 to H2020)” (organized in partnership with the Iaşi Branch of the Romanian Academy and the German Cultural Center Iaşi), July 6-12, 2015, Iasi (forthcoming). The agenda can be found on the project website (


Participation in national and international scientific events (dissemination):

Project research outcomes were reflected in 56 presentations made by the team members at the following events:

  • International Session Pontica, October 5-7, 2011, Constanta/Romania. (Victor Cojocaru, Antonia Tryphaena; Andrei Opaiţ, On Callatis ceramic production in Hellenistic and Roman times; Iulian Bîrzescu About the beginnings of  the “sacred zone” in Histria; Florina Panait Birzescu, Iconography of Apollo Ietros in the Greek colonies of the Black Sea; Costel Chiriac, Medical and/or cosmetic tools in Moesia Inferior);

  • International Symposium The Romans at the Black Sea during the Time of Augustus. The Evidence of Literary, Archaeological and Numismatic Sources, Tulcea/România, June 6-9, 2012 (Livia Buzoianu: Éducation et culture à Tomis [co-authorship M. Bărbulescu], Costel Chiriac: An Early Roman Imperial Intaglio at Ibida [Moesia], Andrei Opaiţ: Amphora as proxy of the Pontic and Mediterranean globalization [1st B.C.–3rd A.D.], Ligia Ruscu: Grants of Roman citizenship in the Western Pontic Greek cities under Augustus);

  • International Symposium Mégarika. Nouvelles recherches sur les cités de la Mégaride et les fondations mégariennes du Pont-Euxin: Archéologie, Épigraphie, Histoire, Mangalia/România, July 8-12, 2012  (Livia Buzoianu: Les terres cuites d’Albești d’époque hellénistique. Les représentations de culte [co-authorship M. Bărbulescu], V. Cojocaru: Un espace dorien pontique d’après les décrets de proxénie);

  • XIV Congressus internationalis epigraphiae Graecae et Latinae, Berlin/Germany, August 27-31, 2012 (Victor Cojocaru: Die Ausführung von Standbildern oder Porträts von Honoranden in Ehreninschriften aus dem pontischen Raum);

  • 19th Congress of the International Association for the History of Glass, Piran/Slovenia, September 17-21, 2012 (Costel Chiriac & Sever Boţan: Hellenistic and early Roman glass from the east Carpathian area [II century B.C. –II Century A.D.] – poster);

  • International Symposium Imperialism and Identities at the Edges of the Roman World, Belgrad/Serbia, September 20-23, 2012 (Ligia Ruscu: On the establishment of Roman rule on the Western shore of the Black Sea); The 28th Congress of the RCRF, Catania/Italy, September 23-27 (Andrei Opaiţ: Defining more Roman amphorae in the Athenian Agora: too much history, too little typology – poster, Andrei Opaiţ: Imperial stamps on early Byzantine amphorae [co-authorship Ch. Diamanti] – poster);

  • International Scientific Session Pontica 2012, Constanţa/România, October 10-11, 2012 (Livia Buzoianu: Three unpublished fragments of ISM II, 44 [co-authorship M. Bărbulescu], Costel Chiriac & Sever Boţan: About early Hellenist and Roman glass vessels from the East-Carpathian area (2nd B.C.–2nd A.D.), Victor Cojocaru: Statues and portraits as a means of honoring in the honorary inscriptions of the Pontic area, Lucian Munteanu: New rescue archeological research at Niculițel [co-authorship G. Nuţu & D. Paraschiv]);

  • International Symposium Oltenia. Cultural Interferences, Craiova/România, October 17-19, 2012 (Livia Buzoianu: Possibilities of dating in archeology based on amphora stamps);

  • International Symposium Banquets of Gods, Banquets of Men. Conviviality in the Ancient World, Cluj/România, November 23-24, 2012 (Mădălina Dana: "Le banquet des sophistes": représentation funéraire, représentation sociale sur les stèles de Byzance aux époques hellénistique et romaine, Victor Cojocaru: Ladung zu Opfer und Bankett als Auszeichnung der Fremde im pontischen Raum und der Pontikoi in der Fremde);

  • International Symposium Interconnectivity in the Mediterranean and Pontic World during the Hellenistic and Roman Periods, Constanţa/România, July 8-12, 2013 (Alexandru Avram: La mer Noire et la Méditerranée: quelques aspects concernant la mobilité des personnes, Costel Chiriac & Lucian Munteanu: Trade Connections between Asia Minor and the West-Pontic Area (1st–4th Century A.D.): Some Sphragistic and Numismatic Considerations, Victor Cojocaru: Die Beziehungen der nord-pontischen Griechen zu den außer-pontischen Regionen und Dynastien, einschließlich der römischen Hegemonialmacht: Historiographische Übersicht, Florian Matei-Popescu: The Horothesia of Dionysopolis and the Integration of the Western Pontic Greek Cities in the Roman Empire, Livia Buzoianu: L’espace ouest-pontique sous l’empereur Tibère à la lumière d’un décret inédit découvert en Dobroudja [co-author M. Bărbulescu], Ligia Ruscu: Becoming Roman? Shifting Identities in the Western Pontic Greek Cities, Florina Panait Bîrzescu: Wandering Cult Images between the Black Sea and the Aegean Cities in Hellenistic and Roman Times: from Dionysos Kathegemon to Dionysos Karpophoros, Iulian Bîrzescu: Hellenistic and Roman Terracotta Offerings in the Western Pontic Sanctuaries, Costel Chiriac & Sever Boțan: Roman Glass Vessels in the West Pontic Area (1st–3rd Centuries A.D.). General Remarks, Adrian Robu: Cités et souverains dans la Propontide: les réseaux d’alliances des cités du Bosphore Thrace, Mădălina Dana: D'Héraclée à Trapézonte: cités pontiques ou micrasiatiques?);

  • The 12th International Congress of Thracology, Târgoviște (Romania), September 10-14, 2013 (Livia Buzoianu: Repères chronologiques offerts par la céramique grecque importée);

  •  Fifth International Congress on Black Sea Antiquity. The Danubian Lands between the Black Sea, Aegean and Adriatic Seas (7th Century B.C. – 10th Century A.D.), Belgrad/Serbia, September 17-21, 2013 (Ligia Ruscu: Religion and society on the western Black Sea shore, Mădălina Dana: Les médecins dans les provinces danubiennes, Victor Cojocaru: Antonia Tryphaina im östlichen dynastischen Netzwerk, Livia Buzoianu: Stages in the presence of Greek imported products on Getic territory in Dobruja, Costel Chiriac: Roman lead seals and the connections between Scythia Minor and Asia Minor [3rd–5th centuries A.D.]);

  • The 3rd International Numismatic Congress, September 20-21, 2013, Braşov/România (Lucian Munteanu & Costel Chiriac: Ancient and Byzantine Coins from the collection of the Natural History Museum from Iaşi [co-authorship B. Minea]);

  • International Scientific Session Pontica 2013, October 3-4, 2013, Constanta/Romania (Livia Buzoianu: Original Greek Epigram from Tomis [co-authorship M. Bărbulescu], Costel Chiriac & Lucian Munteanu: Discovery of Roman seals at Ulmetum and related research issues [co-authorship C. Băjenaru]);

  • International Symposium Honneurs civiques. La politique des honneurs dans les cités grecques de l’époque impériale, Tours/France, May 15-17, 2014 (Victor Cojocaru: Les statues honorifiques dans la documentation épigraphique et iconographique de la mer Noire à l’époque impériale);

  • International Session Pontica 2014: 135 years of museology in Dobrogea, Constanţa/Romania, October 1-3, 2014 (George Bilavschi: Medieval Rural Space and Agriculture: Research Currents and Task in Romania, Iulian Bîrzescu: A perirrhanterion in temple M from the sacred Area Zona sacră in Histria, Livia Buzoianu: Unpublished inscriptions in Tomis and its neighborhood from the collection of the National History and Archeology Museum of Constanta, Costel Chiriac: An original seal of kommerkiar from Develtos, Costel Chiriac: Antique glass vessels from Republic of Moldova, Victor Cojocaru: Proxeny in the Black Sea area. Some observations on a research project, Lucian Munteanu: Preliminaty considerations on the batch of coins from Pitesti, Florina Panait Bîrzescu: Unfinished sculptures from Histria. Local production or unfinished imports?);

  • International Symposium Bonner Humboldt-Preisträger-Forum Herrschaft in der Antike – Praktiken und Diskurse, Bonn/Germany, October 8-12, 2014 (Victor Cojocaru: Die Außenbeziehungen der pontischen griechischen Städten als Forschungsthema);

  • International Archeology Camp BSUDRA: Black Sea-Unity and Diversity in the Roman Antiquity, Slava Rusa, July 10-20, 2014 (Costel Chiriac & Lucian Munteanu, Civic and Provincial Roman Seals found in Dobruja. Trade Connections between Asia Minor and the West Pontic Area in the 4th century A.D.).

  • National Symposium Geto-Dacian princes of gold and silver, Museum of Braila, August 1, 2014 (Lucian Munteanu, On golden coins with the Koson legend);

  • National Symposium Archeological Research at Archeological Institute of Iasi – between systematic research and rescue excavations. Archeological campaigns 2013/4, Days of the Academy of Iasi, Iasi, September 30, 2014 (Ștefan Honcu & Lucian Munteanu, Archeological Research in 2014 at Ibida site [Slava Rusa, Tulcea district] – sector Fintina Seaca).

Publications (dissemination):

  • Poleis in the Black Sea: Inter-Pontic Relations and Local Production, ed. by Florina Panait Bârzescu – Iulian Bîrzescu – Florian Matei-Popescu – Adrian Robu, Publishing House Humanitas: Bucharest 2013, 464 p. (including 28 plates) [Poleis = P&M I]. The work comprises the studies presented during the Symposium from September 27-28, 2012, organized within the project PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0054. The fact that our work was published by a prestigious Romanian publishing house accredited by CNCS is an eloquent proof for the successful accomplishment of the stated interim project goals. By publishing this work we set up a new collection – “Pontica et Mediterranea [P&M]”, ed. by Victor Cojocaru. This collection was meant to support studies on history of Antiquity, epigraphy, classical archeology, numismatics and iconography, at a national level and increase their international visibility. More details can be found on the link: See also Content(1).pdf

  • Victor Cojocaru: Bibliographia classica orae septentrionalis Ponti Euxini. I. Epigraphica, numismatica, onomastica & prosopographica, Mega Publishing House: Cluj-Napoca 2014, 560 p. + 1 CD [BCOSPE I = P&M II]. More details can be found on the link: See also

  • Die Außenbeziehungen pontischer und kleinasiatischer Städte in hellenistischer und römischer Zeit, ed. by Victor Cojocaru and Christof Schuler, Franz Steiner Publishing House: Stuttgart 2014, 312 p. (including 29 plates and 14 maps) [Außenbeziehungen]. More details can be found on the link: See also

  • Interconnectivity in the Mediterranean and Pontic World during the Hellenistic and Roman Periods, ed. by Victor Cojocaru – Altay Coşkun – Mădălina Dana, Mega Publishing House: Cluj-Napoca 2014, 708 p. (including 62 plates) [Interconnectivity = P&M III]. It comprises the papers based on the presentations made at the International Symposium from July 8-12, 2013, organized within PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0054 project. The book was meant as an important step towards accomplishing the major project goal – publication of a collective work, which would reflect, in a more complex and compelling way than before, the external contacts maintained among the urban Pontic communities. We would like to underline that a number of foreign specialists not involved in the project itself published/ contributed with publications in the above-mentioned volume (among them Altay Coşkun who is co-editor of the work). By editing a collective volume, which comprises the studies of 31 specialists from 9 European countries, as well as researchers from Turkey, USA and Canada, we consider our project goal successfully accomplished. More details can be found on the link:


In addition to the above-mentioned works (Poleis, BCOSPE I, Außenbeziehungen and Interconnectivity) – altogether comprising 2044 pages – the project-related research outcomes were reflected in the publication or acceptance for publication of forty-five studies and papers (of them 22 published in 2014) and of eight extensive critical reviews. More details can be found on our project website (, Publications).

Webpage (dissemination).

Our project website ( has been continuously updated being accessible in its Romanian and English versions. The site provides data about the project itself, team members and more details reflecting the activities carried out by us. The project website address was indexed on important specialized web pages like,,,,,,,,,,,, etc. Our data indicate that the website has had at least 500 visitors and was viewed around 30000 times.


                                                                                  Project Director,

                                                                               Dr. Victor Cojocaru

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